Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hey you! Come tell me what you think!

I'm participating in the Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap being hosted by Susan @ Canadian Abroad.

 As SOON as I found out who my swap partner was this morning I got to stalking.

Everyone's design process is a little different, but I'm such a visual person, 

I like to do digital mockups before I start cutting my fabric :)

So, here's my first go at designing a table runner for my partner!

The apx. proportions are 3" light string border and 6" wonky star blocks.

What do you think? 

Would you like it if this should up at your door? Or would you shake your head in confusion, haha.

Honest feedback much appreciated!


  1. I like it, the lights in particular are very cute!

  2. OH, WOW!!! This light string border is such a great idea and was never seen before! Very innovative!

  3. I think I'd faint!! I LOVE those lights and wonky stars. ACE!

  4. It is AWESOME!!! Happy, bright, crisp. How the heck are you going to do all those lights???

  5. I'd definitely love it. Totally gorgeous. I'm with Pat, though - how the heck???

  6. haha! I had to ask myself the same thing. I plan on using a template to cut out a bajilion lights and then raw edge applique them on. Crazy? Maybe, but it seems alot more manageable than trying to piece those suckers!