Monday, March 5, 2012

Rainbow Charm Swap (Open for Sign Ups)

I was UBER bummed when I realized I had set my alarm for the wrong time on March 1st, and missed out on the color wheel charm swap being hosted by from the blue chair. The sign up filed in 7 minutes! I don't know if it is a record, but it is certainly impressive!

I know I am not the only one who was disappointed, 
but the good news is there is an opportunity for us (and even those who DID make Kati's)
to do a similar swap!

Here are the details from Sara's Blog:

This swap is open for 28 participants - US only
Each person will purchase 3 yards of fabric.  They will be assigned a color along with 1-2 other people.  The colors are red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, aqua, black and grey.
You need to cut your fabric into 5x5" squares.  Each yard should yield 56 squares or "charms".  Each person will send in 168 charms and receive 168 charms.
 Sara has started a flickr group and will use that so people can coordinate with their fellow group members so fabric is not duplicated.
You can find the flickr group here flickr group link.

Thanks, Sara for putting this together!
 I am excited to hop on board for what is sure to be a great swap!!

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  1. I thought I set my alarm for the big swap, but apparently I didn't. I realized it about 20 minutes after the sign up time. I wonder how many people missed out?