Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The three stages of packing

 Officially in the process of moving (sewing table is packed... booooo)

I believe there are three stages to packing:

 1- excitement , 2- frustration, 3-distraction... want to hazzard a guess as to which stage we are in?

packing day 3


  1. Ah that is too funny! Sometimes you really do need distractions from packing =D

  2. We're moving in a week and a half and I think I'm still in the distraction phase. I'm guessing that I'm going to move into a new stage soon... PANIC! ;)

  3. I would say my 3 stages were: 1. Wrap everything carefully, pad everything carefully, label everything carefully.
    2. Stuff it in a box labeled stuff (I may have some of these boxes never opened after 13 years still in the attic)
    3. Chuck it. (apparently I don't miss it, or I replaced it)

  4. I hope your moving is going well -- or went well. I'm a new visitor to your blog--for an unusual reason. I was sorting through assorted things my 87-year-old mother gave me (downsizing her house). One gift to me was a heavy little box, and inside are 23 little pewter acorns, at least I think they're pewter. Very heavy, obviously old, no loop at the tops to attach to anything.
    Not knowing what they're for and wondering what I'll do with 23 of them, I googled "pewter acorn" which led me to your blog. Thanks for the explanation about your gift. I think I may start handing them out to special friends and relatives, with an explanation, of course.

  5. If there’s one thing we cannot avoid about packing, it is indeed, distraction. We tend to find certain things that we have not seen for too long, and we just wanted to browse on it or play with it for a little while. Oh well, things like that happen. The important thing is that you still continue with the packing process, and that you get to organize all your things properly. :D

    Tyrone Obey