Wednesday, May 21, 2014

a bunch of QFK quilt tops

I have been drooling over the Quilt Market photos on instagram, facebook, and blogland this week.
Talk about some  inspiration!! I've been patchworking my little heart out as a result of all that inspiration, I think.

  I've made major progress on my many Quilts for Kids projects. Looky!

I could probably piece this 4 patch design in my sleep (and I have been staying up late to sew, so that's probably not a coincidence).  I focused especially hard on precision and being consistent with my 1/4" seam allowance on that jungle quilt. I'm pleased with the results, too!

I've been true to my word, and haven't started a new project since I wrote my list (confessional?) for this quarter's finish along.

I haven't been so good about staying true to my fabric diet though. These fabrics were just begging to come home with me. It turns out two of them are even from same designer (which I didn't realize at the time of purchase).

Prints from left to right are:
- Prospect Park by Kitty Yoshida for Bernatex
- Breeze by Rosemarie Lavine Design for Windham Fabrics
- Homestead by Juliana Horner
- City Girl by Kitty Yoshida for Bernatex
- DS quilts collection by Denyse Schmidt

I got 1 yard cuts of everything except the DS flower print, of that one I got 4 yards. That should be just the right amount to back my Scout quilt.

Happy WIP Wednesday, y'all!
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  1. What a sweet quilt! Perfect for a little one. I keep seeing those fabrics pop up and would love to go buy some, but I just started a fabric fast and would hate to fall off the wagon so soon!