Friday, July 22, 2011

Crafty Scientists Anonymous

Hello. My name is Annaliese, and I'm a craft addicted scientist.

That's right. I said it. I'm a crafty scientist.
I've been called far worse though, so I say it's time to embrace it! 

I'm not the only one with this addiction either. Maybe you've heard of Mel?


Well Mel is a crafty scientist, a self proclaimed smarty pants artist.  
She's calling all crafty scientists over to her blog!

Simultaneous blogging and geeking out? Ummm yes count me in!

And she's even made a great button for the rally! 

Sooo.... I kind of love Mel (and her blog) and I kind of love the little project I'm working on (pics coming soon!) but I do NOT love this this heat wave that has slammed central PA with a vengeance. 

Now if you excuse me, this craft scientist is getting hot and cranky ... I better do some research on that peaches n cream ice cream in my freezer!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Quilt has No Name

because right now it sort of resembles a jelly roll on steroids!

My sister and I are doing this together- Same pattern, same fabrics, and a whole lot of sister 'tude.

The Story
My mother and sister were in town this June on their way to visit family in Indiana. I took them to my local fabric shop to appease our fabric appetite, and to spend some quality girl time. 
My sister brought along a (previously purchased) pattern with her so we began pulling fabric for it.  She has a great eye for color, but isn't always confident in her choices. We ended up pulling 15+ bolts out and began 'auditioning them'.

The more we pulled the more I loved the fun color and bold combinations. I liked them so much in fact, that that when my sister suggested we cut double and I do one too, I just couldn't resist!

Quilt Stats
Name: I don't know what to call this one.... yet.

Pattern:  "Jacks be Quick" by Cozy Quilt Designs

Fabric: So many! A variety of lines and designers.

Date: June 2011-???

Status: Strips are cut!

Swister and I are trying to finish some other WIPs up before we let ourselves go further with this one.... but that doesn't mean I can't take out my strippys and pet and oogle them once and a while, right?