Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Made in Color

2017 is my year, guys, the year when unfinished quilts finally see the light of day and hear the hum of my sewing machine.   Prove it, you say?

HA! I have proof... I present to you miss "Made in Color."
Shes's a beauty and shes's DONE!
The pattern and top was started as part of the Made in Cherry QAL and the scrappy collection of fabric is sourced primarily from the color wheel charm swap that I participated in OVER 6 YEARS ago. *bows head in procrastination shame*

The top was pieced 3 years ago, and finally broke out of project prison (my closet) and was sent off to the longarmer.

Well, I think she was worth the wait. I love the cheerful color wheel and how simple but striking the star setting is.  

This quilt is going to live with my Momma, who has seen it in progress, but did not know she would actually be getting it.

It feels right for this star to go live with the wonderful woman who taught to me sew and has always been my partner in fabric-shopping crime. After all, if it weren't for her introducing me to and fostering my love of quilting, I never would have taken the leap into the online quilting community!

I am looking forward to visiting the quilt (and my lovely Momma) very soon, but in the meantime, I can celebrate the extra space in my closet and look at these finish photos with pure joy!

Quilt Stats: "Made in Color"
Size: 81 x 81"
Fabrics:  Stash
Pattern: Made in Cherry
Quilting: Longarm Quilting by Diane Cerny
Completed: June 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017

Sassafras Leaves (for college)

This is a sweet and celebratory day, for my quilty heart.

Approximately 3 home addresses and several years ago,  I began sewing the petals for what would become my favorite quilt to date.  At the time, I lived in a small apartment, was still practically a newlywed and was getting to know the wonderful modern quilting community online. 

Much has changed in that time, namely, the recipient of this quilt went from a sweet kid to a bright, kind and sassy young lady. Rae has always had a special place in my and T's heart, and that will never change. From competing at horse shows to captivating an audience with her voice, she is talented, poised and strong. Watching her grow up, explore her passions and develop friendships has been an absolute blessing and we are beyond excited to see what great adventures lie ahead for this High School Grad.
 Like Rae, this quilt is unique and special in many ways. 
The fabric for the leaves come from a charm swap, from dozens of kindred quilty spirits across the country, a reminder that our passions can connect us to people from a wonderful array of backgrounds and landscapes.

The design changed and evolved over time, and was heavily influenced by my dear husband, who  curated fabric for and designed the borders. 
The piecing challenged me and required me to stretch both my skills and my comfort zone.
"Oh here there, bias borders! Nice to meet  you! You kind of scare me but I think we can work this out. "

The quilting was done by a lovely local longarmer, who took my vision and exceeded it, bringing the top to life with her custom swirls, flowers and loop design.

The binding was attached the night before we flew out to surprise her and I finished sewing the label down while she ran out for grad party decorations  (nothing like cutting it close!).

This quilt is everything I love about my craft... bringing together people, flexing creativity and expressing love for my friends and family.  I am so proud of it and of Rae. I cannot wait to hear it has been worn and loved to pieces, so that I can make another for my Sassy friend.

Quilt Stats: "Sassafras Leaves"
Size: 60 x 80"
Fabrics:  Stash, Literary by Windham, Tabby Road by Tula Pink 
PatternOrange Peels
Quilting: Custom Longarm Quilting by Diane Cerny

Completed: May 2017