Friday, September 16, 2011

I Want to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

This post is part of a series related to the Dead Simple Quilt Along

Dead Simple Quiltalong

Now, with a name like the "Dead Simple QAL", you'd think I'd take a mental break and just roll with it.
Keep it, oh, I don't know, simple.

 But that just ain't my style.
It started off pretty simple. I've picked my pallette and pulled my fabric.

Simple. Sweet!
I seem to be in a "it's complicated" phase of my relationship with this thing though.
I am in a complete honeymoon phase with my pallete and my newly found love of pink.
I'm having trouble committing though.

To a plan that is.

I was talking to blog-buddy Rebecca from making rebecca lynne about how excited we are for this QAL.
She asked me a simple question, "am I going big or small" with this one.

Well, funny she should ask. I'm asking myself the same thing.   See, here's my problem.

I originally though it would be nice to do a mini quilt with just solids, totally in the spirit of dead simple.
Something like this maybe.

I dig it.

However, I don't have anywhere to hang said mini at the moment, and I am of the opinion that anything I make should be enjoyed, not shoved in a box and forgotten untill we move.  You with me?

So that leads me to doing a lap size quilt. Great. Easy.
Lynne has posted the fabric requirements. I should just use my solids, not think too hard.  Go with it. Right?

Wrong. Apparanty my brain just doesn't 'do' simple.
Here's the train of thought currently in my brain (hold on, it's a wild ride)!
  •  Oooh! Lynne posted directions for 70x90 quilt. perfect! Let's see we need 22 fat quarters. crap. I have 6 half yards (equivalent of 12 FQs ) 
  • Okay no biggie. I'll hunt through the stash to find some coordinating prints.
  • Well If I am going to add some prints shoudn't I do something other than just plain squares? 
  • No, bad annaliese. Keep it simple. Dead simple. Pretend the prints are solids and just follow along like a good blog QALer. 
  • I could always try that wonky stack and whack block thing I've been itching to try...

So much for simple. I think I will sleep on this pull from the stash before I decide.