Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh crap. I think I may like pink...

This post is part of a series related to the Dead Simple Quilt Along

Dead Simple Quiltalong

Do you have a happy place on the color wheel? A comfort zone, where you stay you pick fabrics? 
Colors that, no matter what trends come and go, you always seem drawn to?

I do.  My happy place is in the blues & greens.
 Case and point: my Across the Sea QAL fabric ...
Well.. I have a confession to make.   I may have become... 
tickled pink.

And I blame owe it all to you.

Remember these Design Seed images and mock-ups?

I asked for you to help me pick one of these color ways for the now under way Dead Simple QAL.

The votes have been counted.

The stash has been considered.

The winner is a no brainer.....


I love this fabric!!!

I can't stop looking at it on my table. It's calling me. Begging me to play with it. Telling me to hurry up and finish the Across the Sea quilt so we can hang out together.

And this is a big deal (for me anyway). See, I have another confession:
I have this irrational fear of using pink.

What do you mean it still has blue and green in it, so it doesn't count? 

Hush you. 

It totally does. 

Did I mention my irrational fear of pink? There's pastel pink in there and it doesn't make me think of baby clothes or ballerinas. 

This is huge progress for me, honestly! 
So props to you Lynne (and everyone else who's been playing with palettes)!


because I have mentally fast-forwarded to October,

and I would hate it if the rest of my stash got envious of all the attention PINK has been getting lately....

I totally gave into temptation and pulled some Halloweenie scraps and FQ's.. 

Same pull in black and white...
I forget who suggested taking b&w photos of fabric, but they are genius. It helps me see where they are fall in terms of value (dark to light) better than the stand back and squint thing I usually do.


I may be experiencing a fabric-pull induced high...
or is that just my head spinning from the realization I may actually like pink?

 Either way I should peel myself away from my pink pretties and get back to business! 


  1. Good for you for standing up to your fears! I also seem to cringe at pink, so I'll see if you come out unscathed before I jump into the pink pool!! Your colour palette has turned out to be fabulous. I am looking forward to seeing the final quilt.

  2. I think, we could be long lost twins.....

  3. Except I just read you are young enough to be my daughter, so maybe we are twins in one of those Star Trek episodes where there was a worm hole which catapulted out Mother through time.....

  4. What a great post! You had me at the title! :-)
    I, too, am a cool color person, but one of the great things about this community, is the challenge to 'go beyond.' In making recent bee blocks, I was required to use pink & orange (eek!) LOVED IT! So good for you! It's an absolutely lovely palette!

  5. "When pink and purple love each other very much, they make... eggplant" Love! Stepping out of a comfort zone can be hard... orange and yellow are the scary colours for me.

  6. Your palette is wonderful and I am very proud of you for pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and trying to come to terms with pink - I confess I slightly struggle with pink although I do like it when it's paired wit a chartreusey or olivey green like you have here to take away the sweetness.

  7. You're funny, but I completely agree. I have done such a good job of avoiding pink, but I have found it creeping it's way into my life lately, too. I even bought a pink shirt the other day!! It's more of a raspberry color, but still...Your palette looks great and I can't wait to see the quilt when it's made.

  8. Ha ha to the above, that made me smile! Love your colour choices, if I had the time and inclination to add to my embarrassingly long list of projects, I'd be doing something very similar. I used to hate that bright green. Now I can't get enough of it!! Have fun!

  9. I'm just humming Pink by Aerosmith in my head as I read this. My wedding colors were brown/pink/green and yes we played that song in our playlist. Hahahahahaaa...since half of my stash is Pink I am simply rejoicing over your color choices. Plus, Pink & Green & Eggplant = love. Mmmmm...delicious. Welcome to the Pink Side of life Annaliese! Just think, everything is coming up [pink] roses...

  10. I love it! I'm making a pink quilt for my daughter. I used to hate it but now it's my favourite colour, and thanks to Rebecca I'm now singing Aerosmith in my head!! *I saw them in Toronto and they rocked!!
    I really love that palette and the eggplant goes so well with pink :)

  11. Nothing wrong with pink at all! I accepted my innate love pink a long time ago - at least, the heavily saturated kind of fuschia or hot pink or purple! :)

    These days, I don't mind any colour - so long as at least a few of them a strong and vibrant colours - nicely saturated! :)

  12. Lovely lovely palette! I had few wayward obsessive years of pink after my hystericalectomy which then resulted in a few years of aversion!! Now pink has found its place as just another colour for me!

    This dead simple is gonna look dead sexy!