Wednesday, February 29, 2012

asterisk gone wrong (aka keeping it real)

and this my dear friends, is why sewing an asterisk block while watching tv is a bad life choice...

time to do some 'unsewing'....

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning! (and Free labels for ya')

The funny thing about looking for a job, is that it takes as much time and energy (if not more!) as working at said job.

This, among other reasons is why I haven't been doing so much of the sewing stuff lately.
Which also means I haven't been blogging much lately either.

I have been able to get some much needed spring cleaning done on the 6 ft folding table I call my sewing space though.

Labeled Boxes

I used a bunch of these boxes, available at Michael's (got them on sale, for $2, but their $4 regular price is still worth it all the way!). Each box measures 7 ½ x 11 x 4 ¼ inches and are acid and lignin free.

Then I printed out these labels onto colored card stock, cut 'em up, slid 'em in the label bracket.

It's almost too easy!
They aren't fancy but they have done the trick!

Labeled Boxes - close up
Now I can work on all of those lingering February Bee committments and spring
(see what I did ther? the pun? clever, i know...)
into my March with a sense of organization!

Like I said, they aren't especially fancy, but sometimes the simple solutions are best.

Now, I am all about spreading the spring clean love.

To get the labels:

Right click the picture (JPG) and click "save image as" to save the image to your computer.

Open the file, and click, "File" then  "Print".

**The labels are sized to be 1 inch x 2 inches (the exact size of the bracket).
To make sure it prints properly, make sure your print settings are set to print at 100% scale

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday (2/15/12)

This will be a quickie WIP update - I've gotten alot done, but I don't have much time to tell you about it right now. 
Here are some photos to show you what's been going on behind the scenes here.


I got the Mini Quilt clipped and read to be bound. Here are some wonky houses and itty bitty circles .
You'll get to see more of when it's done
a little village

itty bitty circles

Moody Blues Bee/Dead Simple QAL Working on my layout now - the ladies from the MBB did a fantastic job with improv piecing!(no pics of this yet) ... 

and got I got 2 blocks made for Melissa, who asked for wonky stars in aqua and red.
Moody Blues Blocks February - Red and Aqua Wonky Stars

I got a log cabin pumpkin done for Lisa OYG February Block

OYG February Applique Closeup

I took part in the OYGB orphan bock challenge- from oprhan to tea wallet, in less than an hour!
Adopted blockTea Wallet (front)Tea Wallet (inside)

pins & bobbins 
Stalled out on this one, I have to find space to do the piecing , here are the 4 quadrants to the center square.
MIC Center Square - 4th Quarter

MIC Center Square - 3rd Quarter

MIC Center Square - 2nd Quarter

MIC Center Square - 1st Quarter

...and off I go to the next appointment. What a whirlwind of a Wednesday!

As usual you should check out every one's works in progress at Lee's!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Farewell my fuglies! (2 winners announced!)

Today is the day. Mr Random has picked a new home for my dear fuglies!

Our first winner is Cathy!

And our second winner for the remaining fuglies is Richard!

Congrats Cathy and Richard! I will be emailing you both shortly :)

Farewell fuglies!!

 Thanks for playing along in the Fugly Fabric Party!
and thanks again to LUCY for hosting it!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

did I miss the (fugly) boat?

So you may have noticed a surge of fabric yesterday that could star it's own pathetic informercial. These are the fuglies of the world, the fabric you bought years ago, felt bad for even then, or are just not doin' it for you and more. Lucy @ Charm About You is hosting a linky party to get them out and into loving homes. Great idea, right??! And so I present you my fuglies.

Round 1 is fabric that was being thrown out by friend I felt bad for. Probably should have let them there...
Fugly fabric 1b
Fugly Fabric 1a
They're a weird size, 12x22" ish.  ...and here's a bonus panel of fugly labels
Fugly fabric 1c

Round 2 for your fugly viewing pleasure is this Christmas fabric. Now , in this fabric's defense,  it's actually not terrible but I have tried to use this for the last 3 years and have not on a project. It's time to get rid of it. There is about a yard of this.
Fugly fabric 2

Round 3 is 2 or 3 yards of licensed Thomas the Tank fabric. I have more than enough to make stuff for my train obsessed nephew. I don't think anybody needs 8 yards of this stuff. I'm in Thomas overload.
Fugly Fabric 3

So if you think you can find a place in your heart/stash for these fuglies?

Just become a follower and comment and let me know that you are. In your comment tell me which round you want (you can ask for just 1 or all of them).  

Winner(s) will be selected by mr Random on Februrary 14th.

Farewell fuglies!!

See other fun fugliness at the Linky Party!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dear February. I will own you.

Two days into the new month, I am kicking butt and taking names. 

I got this bee block (for the Stash Bee) done last night and I love it. 

Mika asked us to make an 8.5" block in one color so she can make a scrappy rainbow quilt.

Stash Bee (Hive #2 - February) Color Block 

This was a quick easy block to piece, but I love the result!
(It took longer for me to pick out the scraps last night, than to put it together)

Stash Bee (Hive #2 -February) Signature Block

Got the Signature Block done this morning.

I wasted NO time getting it off of the mountain pile I have on my sewing table.
They went in the mail this afternoon, and will be at it's new home on Monday!

Hope you like it Mika :)

Bam. Bring it on February!