Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dear February. I will own you.

Two days into the new month, I am kicking butt and taking names. 

I got this bee block (for the Stash Bee) done last night and I love it. 

Mika asked us to make an 8.5" block in one color so she can make a scrappy rainbow quilt.

Stash Bee (Hive #2 - February) Color Block 

This was a quick easy block to piece, but I love the result!
(It took longer for me to pick out the scraps last night, than to put it together)

Stash Bee (Hive #2 -February) Signature Block

Got the Signature Block done this morning.

I wasted NO time getting it off of the mountain pile I have on my sewing table.
They went in the mail this afternoon, and will be at it's new home on Monday!

Hope you like it Mika :)

Bam. Bring it on February!


  1. Yeah, baby! You show that block who's boss!
    get your swag on!

  2. I love your block! What is the second from the bottom print?