About Me

About Me

My name is Anna Liese and I grew up surrounded by creativity: music and arts and crafts filled our home! 

I learned to sew from my mom as a kid, but only fell in love with it after high school. My husband and I live in central PA, where we love to kyak on and run along the Susquehanna River. 

A few years ago I started this blog to document my adventures (and misadventures) in sewing and projects. 

Then, life happened and I had to put my quilting and creativity on hold. 

I am back now, and my love for fabric and squishy quilts is stronger than ever. By day I work with environmental issues in the energy industry. 

By night, I am a quilter, crafter, and a total sucker for DIY  projects.

What's the deal with the acorn?

My projects usually end up driving me nuts. 

When they do, two things reel me back into the land of the sane. 

First are the kind words and humor that countless craftybloggers have put out there. I’ve felt so inspired & empowered from their stories and blogs, it’s about time I pay it forward. 

The other is a little pewter acorn that I received upon my college graduation. Apparently, the acorn has rich symbolic meaning throughout the world. It’s associated with wisdom, strength, abundance, success, protection and potential. 

All that from a nut? Ya, I can use that once and while. 

The little pewter acorn reminds me of my roots and of potential for growth (a.k.a don’t stress out at every bump in the road!). So here you go… a little craft blog love and some pewter acorn karma for you! 

(a lovable nut)

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  1. Annaliese, please contact me. I had a hard drive failure and your address is one of the many things that disappeared. I'll be needing it for your Pay It Forward Surprise!