Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Iron (a fire breathing dragon)

This is the story of a fair maiden and her ironing board.
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Far far away, in a village called Pennsyvania, a fair maiden met her prince charming. They married.

After the wedding they moved into a castle (ha!) and excitedy opened presents.
 from the maiden and prince's beloved friends and family.

The maiden opened a small box, and was overjoyed!
The box contained a brand new sparkly iron!

They made many pretty things (okay and a few not so pretty things) together.

The maiden thought that she, her iron and her prince would live happiy ever after together.

Then one day the prince looked at her ironing board, and let out a cry!
"what happened to your board?"

The maiden was confused! She had just used her ironing board yesterday, and it was fine?

Did an evil witch curse it?


 It was burned to a crisp!

How could the maiden have not noticed that her dear iron had done this?

She must have been under the spell of the fabric...

 The prince is afraid the castle will burn down if the ironing board is not fixed.
The maiden admits, prince has a point

The maiden better make her board a new cover or spend some precious gold on one...

This maiden will not be parting from her trusty iron, even if it is part fire breathing dragon.


  1. cuckoo for cocoa puffs.
    i like that about you.
    spanky graphics!

  2. HAHAHA!! SO funny!! That iron is totally scary!! Looking forward to seeing the new cover and hoping the dragon doesn't get angry with it!!

  3. Great graphics! I bought a pattern for an ironing board cover, and I'm afraid to spend time making the cover as I know the iron will ruin it. The iron does tend to conquer.