Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hexiwebs (an almost wordless update)

Saw this hexing around the bock tutorial @ freshly pieced.

Had these fabrics pulled.
You see where I am going with this, ya?

So, I got piecing.

And I totally DID NOT got distracted by my own sparkly green nail polish and/or tv.

Some more time passed.


Now I have these 4 hexi-web blocks, for a wall hanging.

That one block is bugging the bajeezus out of me. What happened to the bottom of that web?

Plan B.  blocks for vertical wall hanging/tablerunner...

Oh...... and I have this thing floating around too.

must. finish. before. Halloween.


  1. completely creative and adorable! You can finish!!

  2. Yay!! Love those halloween colours and that sparkly nail polish! Careful with that cutter now

  3. This looks so cool. I love the colors.