Monday, October 10, 2011

Jingle bells in October

I can't get the song jingle bells out of my head.  I know! It's October for goodness sake!

 But you see, it's craft related, so it's okay.
(As if that deters from the possibility of my looniness, ha.)

I've been putting more thought into the design for my secret partner's tablerunner...

...and the goal is to keep it modern & bright..  Cue the voices in my head-

Dashing through the snow
In a one horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bob tails ring
Making spirits bright

What fun it is to laugh and sing
A sleighing song tonight!

It's a perfecty logical, non-crazy-quilt-lady connection, see?

Now before you think I have competely forgotten Autumn in my search for the perfect table runner, let me show you some of stuff I've done to get into Halloween mood around here.

May I present to you, my autumn shadow boxes:

 The printable in the frame is from pinterest.

 It's not something Better Homes and Gardens will be busting down my door to get at, but it does the trick. a 'I-cant-put-holes-in-the-apartment-walls-if-I-want my-security-deposit-back'
kind of way. 


Oh! and I can't forgot these guys!

A little food coloring and some spraypaint later,
I have a Severus Snape worthy potions collection.

I'm particularly fond of my "verituserum"
(which is truth serum for those of you not versed in Harry Potter lore).

 In case you are wondering the Pheonix Tears and Swamp Water labels are from here,
the Acromantula venom from here and last but not least, the Veritaserum is from here.

Moving on (or back?) to Christmas...

I really like the lights from my original tablerunner design. But, thanks to the wonderful feedback from ya'all and the Flickr group, I think they may be a tad more 'holiday' than my partner may care for....

so I've gone from this-
Modern ChristmasTablerunner- mock up 1

To this-
table runner option 2

I've pulled and purchased this combination of fabric to get the job done..

Not final, pending feedback from partner, but they read as Christmas bright to me!
Anything stick out like a sore thumb? Any you'd want to see lots of?

 Oh and I liked those little lights too much to forego them all together,
so I designed a pillow that they could go on (on my couch *evil grin*).
light tree pillow

Sorry for the long post, but believe it or not,
that's only part of what I've been up to!
I'll be back tomorrow with some progress on my quilt along projects.

Till, then....

(humming jingle bells softly as she closes her laptop)


  1. Ooooh well I love the changes you made on the design - think it works great now! If I am your partner I would like you to go light on the orange fabric (but dont leave it out!) and leave the red, green and aqua as the main focus - but don't think you can go much wrong with this!

  2. Great, now I have that song stuck in my head ;-) First I thought "Oh no! No more light bulbs?" But I was relieved when I scrolled down. The pillow will be great and if you come up with a template maybe you wanna share it? (pretty please ;-)

  3. Oh Annaliese, I love the autumn/scary decorations!! As as was reading I audibly sighed in disappointment at the loss of the lights and then HURRAH!! :) I love the cushion idea and you HAVE to tell me how to do those lights when they're done. Your couch will be having a jolly christmas!

  4. Your potions collection is fabulous! love it!!

    I really like your fabric choices for the runner and would love to receive it in the mail, but I'm wondering if the prints are "christmas-y" enough? I can't tell from this photo. It looks like something i'd have out all year. It might work with one charm pack instead of cutting into those precious fat quarters! OH wait, then the stars could possibly be one color each but not all the same print. hmm...
    note: I'm just throwing out a few ideas, not criticizing!