Thursday, April 19, 2012

Design drama

I love sewing. I really do. I'm a very textile person, and this craft satisfies my need to touch stuff, in a way that is both legal and not as creepy as some alternatives. just saying. When I buy clothes - i actually feel it before I consider anything else. Scratchy sweaters? not for me!
but I digress....

I have realized lately though, that as much as I love the hum of working on my sewing machine, I really much prefer the design process.

Picking a pattern (or even designing one), auditioning fabrics, the digital mockups...

I think I spend more time on this than the actual sewing a lot of the time. 
Do you have that experience too?

It's part of why I seem to have so many WIPS at a give time - some are in the design stage, some are in the cutting stage, several are in the piecing stage..

It annoys me, but that seems to be my system...

so why not just roll with it?

I'm starting to think about my design for  the Modern She Made Swap, and came up with these options...

modern she made possible design sketches

Modern She Made- Color Palettes
I can tell you now that if I go with this design, it will morph, change and vary from design concept to a different product. I never seem to stick to my 'plan.' I think that's okay though, when you end up loving the outcome, does it matter how you get there?

Do you sew to satisfy your need for design, 
or would you rather skip the doodles and just get to stitchin'?

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  1. I feel the same way! We need minions to construct ours designs...

  2. That is very interesting. I have a harder time with drawing, I tend to have and idea 'drawn' in my mind ~ but then, yes, it morphs as it comes along in the actual world. Sometimes to something completely different than what I thought the project would be and sometimes something that doesn't work at all and sometimes into a project so spectacular I want to keep it for myself!

  3. I love making up a mock sketch of something I make, just so I can see a layout and have a rough idea of sizes and the overall look. Even when making blocks I sketch them for the fabrics I'll use =D

  4. I totally love both designs! Sooooo pretty! Love the rainbow on the left and the flower on the right.
    I can tell you which part I like the most: fabric shopping ;-)

  5. Sadly I'm not much of a design person. I'm better at following patterns! I do love the idea of it though - maybe I should try harder! I do think that adapting things and changing them is always part of the process :)

  6. I get it. I love to spend hours playing with ideas. Sometimes making the acutal quilt doesn't measure up to the idea. Once in a while it is a perfect match. That high can last for months!