Friday, April 13, 2012

The tree that almost killed me

Okay so I am being dramatic. At no point during the construction of Tara's block was  my life actually in danger. My sanity on the other hand, was another story.  I'll spare you the details but March was basically a full month of crazy.

I thought I'd managed to get all of my bee blocks done, but this one fell through the cracks. Fortunately, Sunni is a great Bee Mama and she noticed the omission.  So, better late than never, here is my fun little pieced tree for Tara.  I wasn't working off a diagram or pattern, so I had a hard time wrapping my brain around the angles for this one, but it was nothing a little time with a seam ripper couldn't resolve.

uggghhh how i loathe thee seam ripper 

I  think it was worth the trouble. This is, truly and honestly, my favorite bee block to date. I hope it's recipient will find it (and an extra little surprise) worth the wait.  And thanks again to Sunni for reminding me to make it!!
Stash Bee March 2012 - Improv Pieced Tree


  1. M'dear, "no pain, no gain"... Not that I believe that phrase, but it certainly seems to apply here, because your block is GORGEOUS!

  2. Very cool block....reminds me of a Van Gogh

  3. I love the colours! It's very summery! =D

  4. Great block. Paper piecing can be soooooo frustrating, but worth the effort

  5. It's just beautiful! I LOVE red leaves against a blue sky!