Monday, May 28, 2012

1000 ( x 8 ) words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I don't know who 'they' are, but let's say they are right.

Here, in "8000" words, is why you haven't heard much from me here in blog-land.

escalator block for Lisa

stacked coins block for shawn

monkey wrench/churn dash

Basket Weave Blocks - for Solidia

square in square blocks

Gone Quiltin Bee May 2012

MBB May Wonky Star

In addition to sewing I've been getting fabric and instructions out as June host for 3 groups!
The lady behind the counter at the post office has no idea what's in store for her tomorrow ;)

I have to say, May kicked my butt- the heat and stress made for a very cranky, unproductive vibe for alot of the last few weeks. 

A & T at Buttermilk FallsFortunately, I got to clear my head a bit with a 26 mile bike trail ride along the Lehigh Gorge last week.

Here's to an equally productive (and hopefully less stressful) June!


  1. Wow what inspiring 8000 words and It as a joy to read them all. The basket weave blocks are so cool! Such great ending words love the waterfall. =D

  2. WOW, all of your bee blocks look SO great. I am considering using that woven-look star block for my bee month (not till January!). Is it hard?

  3. I think you have PRETTY good excuses ;-) Lovely blocks!!!! I just entered my first bee.

  4. When I saw your stacked coin blocks, I thought Wow, I made some that look exactly like that. And then I remembered she said she was in two different bees. Funny, how quilting paths cross. It's always nice to check the bee blocks off the list.