Monday, February 17, 2014

"that girl" is back

Nobody likes "that girl"...

...the girl who doesn't return messages, who doesn't keep promises.

That is why it broke my heart 2 years ago when I had to very abruptly leave several online sewing groups.

I moved. I started a new job. I took on a second job. I travel frequently for work, and make the most of my time with my husband on the weekends, because for most of the week, we are seperated by 150+ miles.

Life happened, and I didnt handle it gracefully.
I had disapointed my friends in bees and swaps with unfinished blocks, and broken commitments.
I was that girl, and it broke my heart.

A lot has changed over the last two years. I've grown professionally and personally. I know more than before, what my strengths are, what my weaknesses are and I have committed to being more intentional with my time and energy.

A few things haven't changed though.

I still (and probably always will) love to create, to share ideas, to ask questions.

After 2 years of little to no involvement with the quilting community, I reached out to a local modern quilt guild. I was hesitant, because I didn't want to dive in head first only to disapoint my new friends. Here we are, 6 months later. I am so glad to be part of the local quilt guild and I am rediscovering the inspiration, the knowledge, and the support that makes the quilting community so special.

I'm back in front of my sewing machine.

I'm cautiously optimistic that I will some day, be able to participate in online swaps and bees, guilt free. I know I won't be that girl again.

But I think it I need to prove to myself, if nobody else, that I can see projects through to the end. To hold myself accountable.

This is a long and wordy post.. so if you've made it to the end, thank you for hearing me out.
It is theraputic to come out of the blog shadows. To start fresh.

Now it's time to face these blocks and myself. These have sat languishing in a closet to two years and they aren't going to finish themselves!


  1. Welcome back to the quilty universe!

  2. Glad you are still creating and we are all learning all the time. It shows great strength to admit when you're overwhelmed and accept you need more balance. Looking forward to seeing your makes :-)

  3. Welcome back! You know what? Life happens to all of us. Sometimes it doesn't turn out as well as we'd like. Enjoy your sewing and don't beat yourself up ��

  4. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes life just happens.

  5. Hey you! It's good to see you! I've found myself wondering about you and hoping your life was happy and wonderful. Really lovely to see you online again!