Friday, November 2, 2012

Mini Box Pouch (aka the webcam bag)

Some of you know that there have been some big life changes around here, not the least of which is that my hubby is working (and living) 170 miles away from me Monday-Friday.

We spent alot of time anxiously thinking about how this change would affect us and ultimately decided to try it for a year, so that we can each move closer to what we want to be,  professionally. 

We have "Skype dates" almost every night, so that we can see each other and talk to other about our day. Cute right? It's been a great tool for us... there was just one problem.

Or webcams didn't come with a case, and we didn't want them to get dirty or broken during his travel or around the apartment.

Enter a sewing solution!

I found this great tutorial from Sew Like My Mom.

{photo source}

Look at her cute bag!
Her pattern finishes at a useful sized cosmetic bag (9″ long, 5″ tall and 5″ wide).

I used the methods and construction techniques but I scaled it down, and used only cotton fabric (no vinyl).

I used a 7 inch zipper, scaled the exterior/interior pieces to 7" x 11.5" and cut out 1.25" squares.
It finished at a fun little size, apx. (4″ long, 3″ tall and 3″ wide).

I had hubby pick out his fabric and it was kind of adorable to watch him walk around the store looking for the perfect combination. He did pretty well, I think. Don't you agree?  

So... I kind of love our his & hers webcam bags. And I love that we we can keep in touch during our time apart without having to worry about scratched lenses or tangled cords.

Have you modified or resized an already awesome tutorial? Or do you always play by the rules?


  1. They are such cute bags! I don't hardly stick with patterns! I tend to just wing it half the time and hope for the best. Only when it comes to pouches do I pay attention to tutorials! (even then they still come out differently...)

  2. Hi Anna! How funny....this is the same tutorial I'm using to make make-up bags for your cousin's Christmas gifts! Happy Quilting!
    Aunt Joni

  3. I very seldom make anything as per pattern! Always it needs modification to suit my personal needs!
    That tote bag from Skip to my lou is briliant though. I have now made it 8 times and all different in detail and size. Same could get tedious?

    Love what you have done though!