Sunday, September 23, 2012

This is what catch up looks like...

So here I am. On the 2 months mark from the move and starting the new job.

you know what?

There are still random half-unpacked boxes scattered throughout the house,
and I am still not quite current on my sewing commitments.

 But I am happy with where my life has taken me in the last 10 weeks.
More on that later.... for now, I will share my new sewing space and some of the blocks that have zoomed out of here at a crazy rate now that I am set up and and have time to indulge in my crafty endeavors.

I got my sewing space set up. I am not blocking a doorway or windows, and I have a real desk!
Gosh feel like I am moving up in the world.... LOL!

Sewing/Office Desk

Sewing nook all set up. Time to get my craft on ;)

Here are the first of many goodies I hope to sew in my new home.

July Wonky House - OYG Bee Teacup quilt block for Cat Bowtie Block Boxed In Block Arrows Block Chutes and Ladders Block  Antique Tile Block

Pennant Blocks

It feels good to be home, with a cup of pumpkin spice coffee in hand and squishy fabric all around.

Have you been sewing your way through your transition into fall?
Perhaps like me, you are just happy to leave windows open while you take care of weekend chores.


  1. Looks great! Yes, it is nice to open a window now and then and let the fall air in.

  2. Beautiful sewing space! Enjoy : )

  3. A great looking sewing space! Hope to read more on the new home soon =D