Thursday, September 11, 2014

Paper piecing is for the birds

I have some blocks to share with you today, yay!

The CAMQG has member-led lessons and workshops throughout the year. I can't say how much I love them. The knowledge sharing and humor makes the guild meetings so special. As much as I love me a good online tutorial, there is something so energizing and inspiring about being the same room with folks who love the same stuff as you. Don't you think?

Alright, gushy stuff aside. One of our members, JJ, held a little workshop on paper piecing back in May. It was a good introduction for first timers, and included some tips and tricks for people who were more experienced. 

She chose this simple star block, and led the group through the process. 
As always, it was fun to see how everyone's fabric choices translated into the block.

Some people used scraps, some people strategically chose prints. I sort of cheated and just grabbed a fat quarter bundle that my mom had gifted me on the way out the door. It worked well though, since there was a variety of values and sizes in the bundle.  Plus, those birds are adorable and need to be in the spotlight. 

I completed one block during our workshop in May and set aside the leftover fabric until this week.

My sewing space is still not set up after our move, butI started going through serious project withdrawal I tell you! My quick fix was to take over the kitchen table and dig a small WIP project out of the boxes.

It only took 3 months, but hey, now I have two blocks done!

If you'd like to brush up on your own paperpiecing, 
grab the free printable template and instructions here.

I honestly wasn't familar with Carol Doak (the block designer) before the workshop, but I've spent some time on her website since, and WOW there are bunches of free patterns and resources there.

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