I believe that as quilters, our ability to create something that is both beautiful and useful sets our craft apart. If you know any quilters, you know many of them (myself included) are frequently sewing for charitable organizations. As my quilting journey continues, I am committed to bringing people together and  to share my art in support of causes that speak to my heart.  My contributions are modest, but I know that my efforts combined with the larger quilting community can have a lasting impact.  

Whether its the causes below or another that sparks joy in your heart, consider giving some of your time and talent to quilting for a cause. Check out this great list compiled by Missouri Star Quilt Co Team, or this one from Craftsy, of organizations that can always use donated quilts. 

Monkey Business

Cause: Quilts for Kids
Size: 36 x 48"
Fabrics:  Robert Kauffman
Pattern: Quilts for Kids
Quilting: Free Motion Quilting - Lines with walking foot on my domestic machine 
Completed: June 2014


Cause: Caring Star Quilts
Size: 60" x 70"
Pattern: Improv pieced, my own


Cause: Caring Star Quilts
Size: 60" x 70"
Pattern: by Meg Martin, border improv pieced by Team Juliet

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  1. hi Anna Liese! it's Erin from MQGuild. I was just checking out your blog, very cool! here's mine if you're interested:

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