Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Small Blog is pleased to meet you!

Hello Stranger!

Small Blog Meet

If you've come from the Small Blog Meet linky party at Lily's Quilts, welcome to my small blog!  
And if you haven't, welcome anyway! 

Keep reading to get to know me a bit, and feel free to visit a few other small blogs at the meet!


  Annaliese at the Pewter Acorn

I'm an environmental scientist, with a ever-expanding love of fabrics and DIY. 

Last summer I married my college-sweetheart, who is a high school music teacher and mechanic. We are both eclectic, no?

(psstt...can I get a whoop whoop for celebrating our 1 year anniversary yesterday?? )

I grew up in New Jersey, but moved to to central Pennsylvania for college and haven't left. What can I say, I love it out here (even if the smell of cow is usually in the air)! There are trees, hills, and a beautiful River to keep my inner tree-hugger happy. 

Why (I quilt):  My love affair with fabric began around age 4. At that time my mom was a SAHM , and started her own home decor sewing and upholstery business on the side. I'm no child development specialist, but that's about the age children can recognize shapes, colors and patterns. I have vivid memories of her bringing me and my sister to the fabric store. There were baskets of thread, bins of notions, and a huge long tall playground of the most wonderful colorful fabric. My sister and I weren't tall enough to pull fabric, so we would run about the store organizing loose thread and mismatched notions. (you're welcome, sales associates!)

From there I was granted permission to use my Grandmothers old green Elna machine to learn alongside my mom as she worked. 
My Grandmother's Elna (aka the green machine) looked very much like this beauty

I graduated from practicing with no thread on lined paper to make my first pillow when I was about 8.  
I created the pattern in the computer program Paint and was pretty darn proud of it ;)

I sewed on or off for the next ten years, but didn't really fall back in love with it until the end of high school. Now, I constantly peruse craft blogs for inspiration and new (to me) techniques and share sewing phone dates with my mom every week or so.

Why (I blog): There are some amazing blogs out there, and many of them come from the heart and home of quilters, crafters and sewers. Maybe you know a few of them?  

Ashley at Make it and Love it 
AnneMarie at Gen X Quilters
Lee at Freshly Pieced
Lynne at Lily's Quilts

Those ladies got my creative juices flowing, and from that inspiration my little blog was built. Now I'm paying it forward, and sharing my creative adventures with you all.

I hope you've enjoyed your visit, leave a comment, I'd like to meet you (and your blog too)!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. First of all thank you for visiting makingrebecalynne! Secondly, this was such a thoughtful introduction...definitely a scientist and I relate as in the real world I am a lawyer (Bleh). I want to get to know you and your Mister a little more just from that little bit you wrote!

    I am going to follow you and am so glad you found me! Thanks Annaliese!

    Rebecca Lynne

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, tropical fever. Nice blog you have! and a happy first anniversary to you both!


  3. Hi! Thanks for popping over to my blog. Isn't the SBMU a fantastic idea?!?! Have loved reading through your posts this morning - you sound really fun, energetic and creative. Looking forward to following along. :)

  4. very cute! and congrats on your anniversary- what a great milestone! i love that vintage green sewing machine too. why don't they make machines in cool colors? i think i'd have to pick a green or red one.

  5. Happy Anniversary! August is a fabulous month for celebrating (says the soon to be birthday girl).

  6. Hello. I just checked back at Lily's and found more new bloggers so I'm now looking forward to reading your blog too.

  7. So nice to meet you, and Happy Anniversary! Hoping you have safe travels and can't wait to see what you get done when you are reunited with your machine!

  8. So nice to meet you. You have a great blog. I'll be back.

  9. I'm from Lily's Quilts! love your blog look. Wish I could get mine to look as nice. Happy Anniversary!

  10. Update Please! I'm your 22nd Follower!

  11. Hi! I'm also on the SBM at Lily's:

    I love your blog and am already hooked!!
    Glad to have found you and am following :)

  12. Hi Annaliese, so nice to meet you :)
    Slightly belated congratulations on your 1st wedding anniversary (I love your photo).
    I'm looking forward to seeing your projects.

  13. I;m so glad you decided to join SBM. I really like your blog. I will be following you too!! Sandie